The Happiness within – Heaven on Earth

We have heard about this – the search for happiness within. We have also heard that heaven is a place where people are happy.
That got me thinking – what would that state be like? What would it be like to reach into that happiness within and live heaven on earth?

I could not imagine a bunch of people laughing out loud because of happiness. I rather could imagine a group of people smiling in content.

Maybe the happiness within is that warm feeling of contentment where we are happy with what we have and where we are. This does not mean not looking forward to an improved state.

It just means being so content with the little bits of good fortune with which we have been blessed. So content that we might actually forget what exactly we are happy about. We just know we are happy and we enjoy the feeling. There is not much space to think of reasons and what-next’s. Just now. Heaven on Earth.


The Voice of God

Once again I am just thinking out loud here.
I think that if you are ever spoken to by God, Mother Nature, or your Larger self, you might not hear a voice per se.
You will probably receive an Awareness. And that is very different from hearing a voice.
So in one minuscule fraction of infinity, which feels like a minuscule fraction yet also feels like infinity, you will receive an uncountable number of messages about a certain topic or topics.
So, just to attempt to elaborate, you might receive something like:
“go to your mother”
“go to the one who brought you to this world”
“love your mother”
“go to the one who loves you”
“be good to your mother”

The thing is, you receive this awareness through every cell in your body, including those of your ears. So, in a way, you have also heard it.

However, words cannot express what you heard. So if you try to relate this to someone, you might talk about having been to to go to your mother, and told something about the importance of the mother an the importance of treating her properly. But it sounds a bit weird (oh and timing and sequence is lost too) and a lot is lost in translation.

Yet you know it happened. You just know it. But can you keep it to your self?

How do we wake up from sleep

There was a question I had asked earlier about what would happen if we were to silence our thoughts and that voice inside our heads that has to comment on everything we see, hear, smell, touch, taste, remember, etc.
The thing is, if you are thinking nothing, there is no real time or space. So when or how does that state stop. When do “you” (whatever that means) decide you have had enough and you want to “wake up” and do something else?
So, while I was thinking about that, and after reading a reply to the earlier post, I thought that maybe it is just like getting up from sleep.
I mean there is no reason that I know of that would explain fully why we actually get up from sleep. We can talk about diurnal rhythms of hormones and all that, but there are people who sleep at night and them midday, etc.
So what then is it that wakes us up from sleep?


Well, to elaborate further on the topic, thinking is not in most cases an active voluntary process.
There are times when you would “sit down and think” about something but even when we are relatively relaxed and “not thinking about anything in particular” we are bombarded by thoughts.
Every sound we hear, every new thing we see, and everything we touch triggers some thought.
So you see trees and then you voice that internally as “trees”,”leaves”,”green”, “earth”, “nature”, etc. and these thoughts just flow into your consciousness virtually out of nowhere.
So, maybe it is one of the main functions of the living brain – to constantly analyse stimuli and produce thoughts.
It feels as if the brain just has to produce thoughts. So even wih no clear external trigger you sometimes remember certain events and start processing them “why did so and so do that”, “and then what if….” and so on.
So are thoughts to the brain what beats are to the heart, and breaths to the lungs?
Are they involuntary actions which could be controlled to some extent and which are essential for life?
Even then, I still believe that trying to focus your thoughts, removing the noise, and paying more attention to the silence between the thoughts is very beneficial.
Have a good day

Silent Thoughts – Is that possible?

Here is something I have been experimenting with for some time now.

So, if we try to see thing as they are, we should not try to classify people, events, or things.

Rather treat them as they are.

But where does that first inkling of judgement come from.

It comes from the thought – that little voice in your head.

I realized this when I noticed that when one sees something, or just thinks about something, there is some sort of “voice” in your head.

To check for this, just look around, maybe at a wall, a refrigerator, something. Immediately, a word would pop in your mind.

Maybe “white”, “red”, or “refrigerator”, “wall”, or something like that.

Isn’t that strange? I mean once you realize this, you find that it is happening always.

(This by the way is also related to the advice given for speed reading when they say you should not repeat the words in your mind).

So, can we silence that voice? I have tried and I am still trying.

What would our thoughts be like then?

You CAN actually hush the voices inside. And just see something in front of you.

The only thing is, after a while another voice comes up saying “Hey, this could go on forever. If you hush voices forever, how would you “wake up” from this meditation-like state?”

Interesting question. Maybe it takes a leap of faith to find the answer to that one. 🙂


There it is.
If you STOP and THINK about it,
It’s not there.

Then you let go of it.

It comes back again.

Is it there when you don’t think about it?

Does it disappear when you focus on it?

I wonder. Where do thoughts come from?

Let’s try to see things for what they are

We have been taught and brought up to analyze and classify things.

To box them up.

So, if you are walking down the street and you see someone, you immediately, subconsciously, classify that person into male/female, black/white, tall/short, pretty/ugly; etc. It is like you are running down a long checklist with options narrowing the possibilities down and sizing that person up against numerous adjectives.

Many are unaware that by this initial scan we have sort of limited the possibilities of interaction with that person.

We have filed that person under one or more folders that contain many documents – experiences, feelings, perceptions, and memories.

Accordingly, what we expect that person to do or say has been defined.

What we expect our reaction to that person’s actions have been defined or limited.

Can we then expect to be receptive to anything from that person which is outside our self-created box?

But how do we solve this issue?

I believe that with practice, we will be able to see people for what they are: beautiful beings representing parts of a whole, moving in a dance of beauty.

We will be t peace with others, and more important, at peace with ourselves.

This, by the way, applies not only to human beings.

So, please be aware of how you block the bigger picture from your screen.

And let’s try to see things for what they are.


Change – revisited

It is interesting to look back at times when something major has happened in your life.

Ah, the times of change!

Didn’t we see it coming? It is only after it is over that the small steps leading to the change become very clear.

They become so clear that you are surprised you hadn’t noticed earlier.

The process starts with very small steps – one step at a time. One step leading to the other

It is as if you are being handed down an assembly line from one stage to the next.

You are just getting used to the stage you are in – or even just beginning to understand it – then you are passed on to the next.

Between the hands of fate, there is not much time to think and to notice … where you have come from; where you are going; the pattern.

Did you start this? Did you push a button somewhere that started the conveyor belt. You most probably did, whether you know it or not.

What to do?

Enjoy the ride 🙂 and have faith in yourself 🙂