Hi! Are you ok? (via bended spoon)

Come to think of it, even if you do not feel you are OK, this means you are a lot more OK than many people. If you focus on that, you might become more OK than you are now. OK? 🙂

Hi! Are you ok? Can you move your fingers right now? Can you read this perfcet wrods? Can you see the dust between the keyboards? Can you hear your restless thoughts? Can you still smell that soap in your arm? Can you taste your tongue? Can you feel someone really cares? Can you look up what's in your ceiling? Can you see beyond the ceiling … Read More

via bended spoon

By One Posted in Love

2 comments on “Hi! Are you ok? (via bended spoon)

  1. we’re human enough to worry but we’re human enough too to realize that we’re really ok. let’s spread okayness and put a smile on somebody else’ face. thank you for linking, you make me smile this morning 🙂

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