The Happiness within – Heaven on Earth

We have heard about this – the search for happiness within. We have also heard that heaven is a place where people are happy.
That got me thinking – what would that state be like? What would it be like to reach into that happiness within and live heaven on earth?

I could not imagine a bunch of people laughing out loud because of happiness. I rather could imagine a group of people smiling in content.

Maybe the happiness within is that warm feeling of contentment where we are happy with what we have and where we are. This does not mean not looking forward to an improved state.

It just means being so content with the little bits of good fortune with which we have been blessed. So content that we might actually forget what exactly we are happy about. We just know we are happy and we enjoy the feeling. There is not much space to think of reasons and what-next’s. Just now. Heaven on Earth.


2 comments on “The Happiness within – Heaven on Earth

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